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     Upcoming Events:

  • American Red Cross Blood Drive Wednesday, September 28 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

  • WOMEN's COMMITTEE MEETING MONDAY, OCTOBER 17th @ 6:00PM. Come carve Pumpkins with us!!

  • covered Bridge Festival Bus Trip, October 19th - Eagles Lodge Parking Lot in Olney

  • Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, november 10th @ 6:00p.m. - RCFB Office

  • Young Leaders Meeting, November 21th - RCFB Office

What's Happening? 

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Interested in what is happening with the Trans-Pacific Partnership?  If you would like to be more involved with this or would like more information, please call the  RCFB office at 618-393-4116.  

Below is also a short video and information about the TPP.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) 

and Illinois Agriculture 


· TPP is an agreement between the U.S. and 11 Asian-Pacific Region nations accounting for 40% of the world’s economy and $36 trillion of the world’s GDP.

· The TPP will boost demand for U.S. agri-food products among the 500 million consumers in the 11 Asian-Pacific partner nations in the agreement. 

· With some of the world’s fastest growing economies and populations, this dynamic region offers key access to other expanding Asian nations.

· Our competitors, including the EU, are increasingly active in the region. The TPP will help improve the competitiveness of U.S. farmers while improving strategic partnerships. 

TPP and Agriculture

· Partners in the TPP currently import nearly 42% of all U.S. agricultural exports. 

· U.S. agricultural exports to TPP nations totals around $63 billion. 

· Foreign taxes/tariffs on U.S. agricultural exports to some TPP partners are very high. TPP requires our partners to reduce tariffs on U.S. agricultural and other exports. 

· TPP partners also have non-tariff barriers not based on science that restrict our market opportunities – the TPP will eliminate those.

· Generally, the TPP agreement signed in February 2016: 

- Eliminates tariffs on a majority of U.S. exports of agri-food products.  

-Provides new market access through tariff reductions or preferential quotas. -Requires TPP countries to eliminate all agricultural export subsidies. -- ---Discourages countries from imposing export restrictions on agri-food products as a means of protecting their domestic market from changes in the world market. 

Ensures food safety, animal health and plant health measures are developed and implemented transparently and in a science-based manner based on risk. - -- Improves transparency in state traders of ag products to avoid trade distortion. 

TPP and Illinois Agriculture 

· 33% of Illinois farmer income is attributable to agricultural exports. 

· Ag exports help support rural communities and promote job growth in Illinois and the U.S. 

· Illinois agri-food exports to TPP nations are $3.9 billion annually supporting 29,000 jobs. 

· When fully implemented, TPP will add $300 million/year to Illinois agricultural cash receipts and $127 million/year in net agricultural exports from Illinois 

· The TPP will help expand existing trade between Illinois and 6 current FTA partners, which will support economic and job growth in Illinois. 

· Reduced tariffs on pork and beef and increased access for dairy and other products will enhance Illinois sales of those products (as well as of corn and soybeans) to the region.

· Market access for wheat will be improved and existing tariffs on products containing processed wheat (like cookies and crackers) will be eliminated. 

Sources: American Farm Bureau Federation, Business Roundtable, Illinois Farm Bureau, USDA and USTR.

2016 Agricultural Trade Talking Points 

Why do we need agricultural trade? 

International trade is essential to the health of U.S. agriculture. 

·U.S. agriculture is 2.5 times more reliant on trade than the overall economy.

· 2015 agricultural exports were a record $139.5 billion, and 2016 exports are expected to remain robust at $138.5 billion.

· U.S. farmers export about: -56% of their soybeans -50% of their wheat -40% of their cotton -26% of their pork -20% of their corn -14% of their dairy -13% of their beef -17% of their broiler chickens.

 Agriculture and ag exports are essential to the U.S. economy.

· Every dollar of ag exports creates another $1.47 in supporting activities such as processing, packaging, shipping and financing of ag products. 

· The agri-food chain generates about 16% of the U.S. gross domestic product and employs 17% of the American workforce. 

Future growth of agriculture depends on international markets. 

· The U.S. market has 322 million people; the world market has 7.3 billion people. 

· By 2025 population growth is +60 million for the U.S. and + 1.6 billion for the world

· Only 5% of the world’s population resides in the U.S. while 95% of global consumers live outside the U.S. and have 75% of global purchasing power

 Why support additional regional or global free trade agreements (FTAs)? 

· U.S. ag exports face trade-distorting: -domestic support that is 3 times greater than U.S. support -tariffs that are 4 times higher than U.S. tariffs and -export subsidies that are 30 times greater than U.S. agriculture receives. 

· The elimination of remaining global trade barriers via a WTO agreement would increase the gain we already enjoy from trade by another 50%. 

· Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are essential to the success of U.S. agriculture. 

Why should every American care about trade? 

· Trade generates jobs and is vitally important for small businesses. 

· Large companies account for 4% of U.S. exports while 96% are by small companies. 

· In 1950, international trade accounted for 5% of U.S. economic growth, while in 2002, it accounted for more than 25% of U.S. growth. 

· U.S. goods and services exports supported 9.7 million jobs in 2011 (22% of all manufacturing sector jobs are related to exports) 

· U.S. ag exports alone support nearly a million jobs on and off the farm 

· U.S. jobs supported by exports pay 13-18 % more than the national average 

· Real U.S. income is 9% higher than it would have been due to the trade liberalizing efforts since WWII. That 9% equals $1.3 trillion in additional American income. 

Sources: AFBF, Peterson Institute, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, ERS/USDA, USTR, CIA, Department of Commerce International Trade Administration

We are now carrying FARM SAFETY FIRST AID KITS at the Richland County Farm Bureau Office. The kits are available for purchase through Farm Safety 4 Just Kids. Monies raised will benefit kids and provide a way for them to participate in Progressive Ag Safety Day! Only $45.00 for everything listed below!

Farm First Aid Kit contents:
This kit contains:
1 - Adhesive tape roll 1” x 5 yds...
12 - Adhesive bandages 1” x 3”
5 - Adhesive bandages 2”x 4”
10 - Butterfly closures
5 - Knuckle bandages
1 - Triangular bandage
1 - Eye Pad 2” round
5 - Cotton tip applicators
1 - CPR face shield
4 - Eyewash capsules – 0.5 oz
2 - Finger splints
1 - First aid instructions
4 - Sterile gauze dressings 4” x 4”
1 - Sterile trauma pad (ABD) 8” x 10”
4 - Examination gloves
1 - Elastic bandage 3”
1 - Gauze roll 4”
2 - Instant cold compress
1 – Trauma Sheers
1 - Tweezers
6 - Antibiotic ointments
6 - Burn cream ointments
12 - Alcohol pads
3 -Povidone iodine pads
3 - Sting relief pads
6 - Antiseptic towelettes
1 - Ziplock bag 8” x 10”
1 - Emergency thermal blanket
1 - Contents guide/refill info
The kit is in a hard canvas, zippered, moisture proof bag, and is 8.5x7x4 inches
Opens flat at 14 inches.

Women's Committee Cookbooks are here!


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