Farm bureau History

The Richland County Farm Bureu is a membership organization controlled by farmers. We are a not for profit corporation and make up 1 of the 95 county organizations of Illinois Farm Bureau.

Today, our mission is to improve the economic well-being of agriculture and enrich the quality of farm family life. We work to keep agriculture, Illinois’ biggest economic engine, fueling families in both rural and urban communities throughout Illinois.

As a grassroots membership organization of people who support farms, food, and families, we:

  • Advocate for farmers and speak out for agriculture
  • Promote the values and quality of life that we in Illinois hold dear
  • Connect the farming community with consumers
  • Create value in membership
  • Focus on agriculture youth education

The Richland County Farm Bureau was formed in December of 1917. A few farmers came together to fill the need for education, better information, and more effective farming practices. The organization has grown to  580 voting members and 898 associate members. The Richland County Farm Bureau is affiliated with the Illinois Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Richland county Farm  Bureau board

President: Joel Gardner, at large committee

Vice-President: Stan Crites, claremont

Secretary: clayton oesch, noble

Treasurer: darin weidner, Olney

Jordon Ridgely, Madison

Brian Lemke, Bonpas 

Anthony Kessler, denver

Chuck Diel, Decker

Francis Ochs, german

Blake Graves, Preston