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STATE BUDGET - Gov. Bruce Rauner has proposed a budget that would save the state more than $1 billion by shifting some pension costs to local school districts and more health insurance costs to state workers. He also raised the possibility of cutting the state’s personal income tax. (State Journal Register)


IMMIGRATION SHOWDOWN - A bi-partisan Senate plan to protect young illegal immigrants from deportation and bolster border security headed toward a Senate showdown on Thursday. President Trump is holding firm to his demand to support a different, sweeping rewrite of U.S. immigration law. (Reuters)


SOLAR MITIGATION BILL – Legislation introduced in the Illinois House and Senate would require commercial solar energy developers to enter an agricultural impact mitigation agreement. The goals are to protect landowners and ensure that land impacted by construction and deconstruction is properly restored. (


FEDERAL AGENCIES – Recent data suggests the U.S. public has mostly favorable opinions of many federal agencies and departments. Americans have the most positive opinions about the U.S. Postal Service, and the most negative opinions about the Department of Education. (Pew Research Center)


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