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OIL ANOTHER CASUALTY OF TRADE WAR – U.S. oil exports to China have slowed to a trickle amid the trade war between the U.S. and China, an abrupt reversal that is forcing American producers to find new buyers. Despite being the biggest buyer of U.S. crude oil in the first half of the year, crude exports to China fell to zero in August. (Wall Street Journal)

BEARDSTOWN PLANT TOPS NUTRIENT DISCHARGE LIST – Beardstown’s pork processing plant topped the list of Illinois slaughterhouses discharging high amounts of nitrogen directly into surrounding waterways. The list, compiled by the Environmental Integrity Project, reviewed slaughterhouses across the country and called for a review of permitted discharge amounts. Despite high discharge amounts, the facility, owned by JBS, has not exceeded its federal permit since 2015. (Peoria Journal Star)

IT’S TIME TO SPLIT SNAP, FARM PROGRAMS – Ryan Alexander, president for Taxpayers for Common Sense, called for a once-and-for-all split of food and nutrition and farm support programs in the upcoming farm bill, citing the farm lobby’s ‘farm subsidy special interests.’ In the USA TODAY op ed, Alexander says the partnership, once mutually beneficial, is now strained and hurting those who rely on federal food programs. 

SCIENTISTS FED UP WITH CONSUMERS – Did you know that one in 10 young adults want regulators to ban dihydrogen monoxide from food and beverages? It’s true. According to research by InsightsNow, consumers are ready to get rid of the compound commonly known as water. It’s happening to a number of safe food ingredients and is setting food scientists on edge. “There’s a level of psychological stress,” said John Coupland, former president of the Institute of Food Technologists. (Wall Street Journal)

WET WEATHER SLOWS HARVEST – Heavy rains, particularly in the northern half of Illinois, stopped many combines in their tracks last week. The first round of rain early last week dumped up to 4 to 6 inches at some locations, followed by another round of rain in the middle of last week. Flash flood advisories were issued in the Chicago area Oct. 10 and in other parts of the state. (

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