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NAFTA EXIT WOULD FACE LEGAL CHALLENGES – Legal experts say any decision by President Donald Trump to exit NAFTA could be defeated or delayed by court challenges. Experts say the constitutional and statutory authority for who can terminate the trade deal – Trump or Congress – is disputed, and it may take the Supreme Court or a truce between Congress and the White House to sort it out. (Reuters)


FCC PLANS NET NEUTRALITY REPEAL – The Federal Communications Commission Tuesday released plans to dismantle the landmark net neutrality rules put in place by President Barack Obama. Repealing the rules, which ensure equal access to the internet, would clear the way for internet service companies to charge users more to see certain content and would curb access to some websites. (New York Times)


SENATE TAX BILL PICKING UP SUPPORT – Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski in an op-ed Tuesday said, “I believe that the federal government should not force anyone to buy something they do not wish to buy in order to avoid being taxed,” potentially signaling her support for the Senate’s tax code overhaul. Murkowski, who was one of three GOP senators to stand against ACA repeal efforts earlier this year, had previously said she preferred not to mix health care with tax reform. She has not yet endorsed the Senate’s tax bill. (Bloomberg)


NO HEADWAY IN NAFTA TALKS – USTR Robert Lighthizer Tuesday offered a dim view of the latest NAFTA negotiations, saying the three countries made little headway in talks last week and accusing Canada and Mexico of refusing to “seriously engage” on controversial U.S. proposals. “Absent rebalancing, we will not reach a satisfactory result,” Lighthizer said in a statement. “I hope our partners will come to the table in a serious way so we can see meaningful progress before the end of the year.” (Wall Street Journal)


WILL FARMERS RESPOND TO MARKET SIGNAL FOR MORE SOYBEANS? – U.S. farmers planted 7 percent more soybean acres this season, and it appears the market is calling for more. “If we have the same ratio for corn and beans on April 1, we probably stand to pick up some bean acres, as hard as that is to imagine,” Chip Nellinger, of Blue Reef Agri-Marketing in Morton, said during the Farm Assets Conference Tuesday. (


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